Online Stores in Canada

Top 3 Third Party Logistics Companies for Online Stores in Canada

Here are the top 3 picks for the best third party logistics companies for ecommerce businesses and online stores in Canada!


The third-party logistics companies in Canada are understanding the importance to use solutions for ecommerce as more wholesale and retail businesses and brands start selling online on the web.

The Canadian businesses are looking for third party logistics companies that can help them meet the growing needs and demands of the customers with simplified warehousing, order fulfillment, and distribution services.

If you are looking for a reliable and secure provider, here are the top 3 picks for the best third party logistics companies for ecommerce businesses and online stores in Canada:

  • NRI: This company specializes in fulfillment of branded apparel, footwear, and accessories for wholesale and retail businesses. Every logistics process is customizable including special routing for wholesale businesses, custom packing, and more. NRI Distribution also uses an order management system to automate real time shipping rates, order submission, and inventory statuses. Some of the services this company offers are e-commerce fulfillment, wholesale fulfillment, freight services, quality control, kitting and tagging, automated data exchange, and inventory management.
  • InterFulfillment: This is just another great 3PL company to consider for your Canadian online store. This company offers a straightforward and fast account set-up. This is the perfect company for small and fast-growing businesses. You can sell your products through distribution channels and all of your orders will be automatically sent to InterFulfillment. Some of the services include customs and brokerage, order processing, returns management, kitting and assembly, cross-docking and destuffing, and LTL shipping.
  • Think Logistics: And last but not least we have Think Logistics, a reliable, secure, and well-known company in Canada. This company works with direct-to-consumer businesses, as well as, with ecommerce businesses in the consumer goods, fashion, high-tech, health and wellness, industrial, and commercial industries. Think Logistics is the only Canadian logistics provider that use Amazon Robotics for order fulfillment. This company is a great 3PL choice and some of the services they offer include reverse logistics, retail distribution, transportation management, integration with Shopify, supply chain solution design, and drop-shipping support.

The third party logistics companies can be beneficial to your ecommerce industry, regardless of the industry, niche, size, and company location. Choose your 3PL provider to ease your fulfillment and logistics worries and improve your brand and market presence!